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Goal Success Society Journaling
I guide individuals seeking deeper self-connection to explore transformative journaling, so they can confidently pursue their personal development goals without the confusion of unspecific guidance. Are you ready to live a life aligned with your deepest values?
Coming in 2024. Goal Success Society Journaling Membership

Main Membership (27 USD/month)

Kickstart your self-empowerment journey with a monthly journaling prompts PDF, a private Facebook group, an inspiring newsletter, plus a unique self-reflective exercise and goal-setting template each month. weekly challenges, a monthly live stream discussion on Facebook, deeper insights with a Themed PDF, an unique self-reflective exercise and a advanced goal-setting template each month.

VIP Membership (97 USD/month)

Get everything that is in the main membership plus personalized email support, weekly group Zoom calls, monthly special challenges or mini-courses, and printable affirmation cards. A Quarterly Empowerment Workbook plus monthly advanced exercises and templates for a deeper dive into self-growth.
Hi! My name is Åsa Strahlemo
I am a certified life coach and passionate about unlocking the full potential of those seeking self-growth and empowerment.
My journey led me to discover transformative journaling, a powerful tool not just for reflection, but for deep, lasting change. I've witnessed firsthand the incredible shifts it can bring about - revealing hidden dreams, understanding life patterns, and fostering genuine self-discovery. My mission is to guide you through this journey, making the path to personal growth not only clear but enjoyable and fulfilling. Join me, and let's unlock your true potential together.

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